Refund Policy

1. At our establishment, we adhere to a strict policy of "No Refund After Sale" to ensure transparency and clarity for our customers. This policy is implemented to provide a comprehensive understanding of the terms and conditions surrounding purchases made within our business.
2. When customers make a purchase, they are acknowledging and accepting the product or service as is, without the possibility of a refund. This policy is prominently displayed and communicated to customers through various channels, including signage, online platforms, and customer service representatives.
3. The rationale behind our "No Refund After Sale" policy is to maintain fairness and consistency in our business operations. It enables us to offer competitive pricing and maintain the quality of our products and services. It also encourages customers to make informed decisions before completing a purchase, as they are aware that returns or refunds will not be entertained.
4. We recognize that there may be circumstances where customers may have concerns about a product or service they have purchased. In such cases, we encourage open communication and are committed to resolving any legitimate issues through our customer support channels. Our dedicated team is available to address queries, provide
assistance, and offer appropriate solutions within the confines of our policy.
5. To ensure a positive customer experience, we strive to provide accurate and detailed information about our products and services. This includes comprehensive descriptions, specifications, images, and any other relevant details. By doing so, we aim to empower customers to make informed choices and minimize the need for refunds.
6. It is essential for customers to carefully evaluate their intended purchase, including verifying compatibility, sizing functionality, and any other relevant factors before completing the transaction. This approach promotes a responsible buying process that aligns with our commitment to customer satisfaction.
7. By upholding the "No Refund After Sale" policy, we maintain the integrity of our business operations while focusing on delivering high-quality products and services. We appreciate the understanding and support of our customers as we strive to provide a seamless and mutually beneficial shopping experience.
For any enquiry, reach out via email at, call on +91 90387 17517